Sunday, February 27, 2011

EMDT613 Week 4 - Free Post

It is so hard to believe that we are closing in on graduation day. I have made new friends who have become much more than classmates. They are now a part of my family, even though we have never even been in the same room. I was always an off campus student, so never had the camaraderie that comes from living and going to class with a close group of people.  That aspect, though done through SKYPE, email, and WIMBA has been very special. The support is more than I could ever have hoped for. With all of the protests going on in Wisconsin right now, it's hard to say what the state of our teaching positions will be in the near future. But I know that with my new skills and the support of my family and friends, I will prevail in some capacity. Perhaps a new one, perhaps reinventing my current position. All will be fine, of this I have no doubt. Like the baby birds that hatch each spring and summer, I too will have a chance to test my wings - and soar!

Soon, there will a new batch of baby birds in my yard, growing and getting ready to test their wings!


  1. Hope y'all are more ready to jump out of the nest than this bunch of hatchlings!


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