Thursday, February 3, 2011

EDM613 MAC - Week 1: BLOG Comment #3

Palmyra-Eagle HS Band, marching through Eagle, WI
after a terrible tornado in June, 2010 (personal photo). Even when the going is tough,
keep on marching!

Week 1 WIMBA-Course Intro and AR Activities

The initial Wimba session was a plethora of information. Dr. Professor Joe was able to recap all of the information from the videos that students were to watch independently. I liked the specific information about the AR project- who would ever imagine that I would present this as a "scholarly" presentation? Or have it ready for publication? This was the scariest moment for me in realizing that I am almost finished so I have to "walk the walk and stop talking the talk". Blogging is a very cool way to present ideas and opinions. It is also a way to put yourself out there so there has to be some degree of confidence and readiness to face the world. I look forward to putting it all together and being one step closer to graduating!!!
Although I am familiar with most of our classmates, there were a few new faces in the WIMBA session. It's good to mix it up!!!
cyoho said...

When we started this program 10 months ago (only 10 months ago?!) I never even considered having written material worthy of professional publication. My goal has been to learn and grow so that I can be the best teacher I possibly can be. But we have done work and research that is worth sharing with others. It may help them also.

I am also enjoying the blogging more than I expected do. I see a new perspective with each classmate's blog that I read. All of them are helping me to get more out of the material I am reading and watching. Onward towards graduation we go!

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