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Sunday, February 27, 2011

EMDT613 Week - Think Out Loud #2 of 2: Decison

I've decided that my presentation will  be a publication. Decision made. I've chosen one journal ...

The National Association of Special Education Teachers . This journal is devoted to special education. I chose it because my research project took place in a regular education classroom which  included students with learning disabilities. As more and more students rely less on pull-out services for students with special needs, I find it very important to highlight strategies that can improve the success these students have within the regular education classroom. The strategy I employed would be beneficial to all students, but especially those needing additional tools to assist them with learning and recalling information. If I am published, I hope I receive feedback from other teachers who have employed music. I would even welcome suggestions! The journal states that responses to requests for publication are made within 2 weeks. It's time to sit tight and wait.

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