Thursday, February 3, 2011

EDM613 MAC - Week 1: BLOG Comment #1

Gregg Eilers' Blog Post:

Wk1 BP - EDM613 MAC - Copyright

Many thoughts ran through my head as I watched the plethora of videos regarding copyright laws, Fair Use, and Creative Commons. Albeit, most of my thoughts were those of confusion and how my brain was dissecting the confusion. However, after digesting all the information, I feel that I have a better understanding of how copyright works and how organizations like Creative Commons is attempting to bridge the gap in allowing the creative mind the freedom to create and/or re-create. As technology continues to advance and public domain forces copyright laws to change and modify its parameters, Creative Commons, Fair Use, and all the other attempts to assist the freedom of creation will continue to expand. I really felt that the TED video featuring Larry Lessig put all of this into a grand perspective for me. There were many great aspects of his presentation, but I think the thing that struck me was his comments on how the "RW" (read/write) culture turned into a "RO" (read only) culture in the 20th century. Obviously we are seeing a major paradigm shift in this way of thinking because of the rapid change in technology advancement and the speed of the Internet at the turn of the 21st century. At any rate, copyright laws, Fair Use, and Creative Commons have their place, but its what is done to work with/around them to keep challenging culture to create and re-create something new and different for future generations.

@ Gregg Eilers

Gregg, you nicely summed up the confusion of copyright and fair use and the clarifications the videos presented. I agree, they have their place, but the speed at which our world of information and creativity is changing makes it difficult to stay abreast of the legal applications.

I think that the fair use guidelines will be crucial for those of us who create less, and utilize the works of others to emphasize what we are creating/presenting.

This is my son, Peter, as a budding drummer when he was little. Who can say what influences he's had that he couldn't even begin to identify! He's grown up surrounded by music of all genres.

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  1. Excellent summary of the material and pointing out the piece (Lessig's TED video), that speaks most to you.


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