Sunday, February 20, 2011

EMDT613 Week 3 - Think Out Loud #1 Present or Publish?

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Present or publish ... the question has been plaguing me for weeks now. I never look forward to speaking in front of others, although I have found that I become quite impassioned about my topic and can easily forget myself and lose my self-consciousness. I'm like that when I teach. I am also not too fond of professional writing because of its ability to be very impersonal. These dilemmas have confronted me before in the form of job interviews. PLEASE don't interview me! Come watch me with students and colleagues to see who and how I really am! I just want to be me, not try to sell myself. I know that sounds corny, but that's how I am. Back to this month and which direction to go. I've reflected on this out loud with a classmate. Part of my inhibition is feeling that my project wasn't Earth shattering in its magnitude or result. But, that wasn't the point of the AR project to begin with. What this was about was posing a question and then seeing if I could do something that had an impact at all. I did that. It wasn't a big thing, just seeing if using music in teaching math could improve knowledge retention. And it did. Very straight forward and simple.  Some journals I'm considering are: The National Association of Special Education Teachers They take up to 14 days to notify you of receipt after a submission for publication is made, so I need to get a move on! I would also submit to Edutopia

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  1. Catherine,

    I love your statement- don't interview me- watch me teach and interact!!! YES!!! I liked your project very much and it would be wonderful to see and READ. Math is so intimidating as well as hard for many students who just don't quite grasp the rules or facts yet. The music songs are a great way to help those kids along as well as maintain the skills other students already have.

    Think of everyone in the audience naked- okay, no. Think of everyone in the audience as teachers like you and me who want to create a better learning environment for students.


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