Sunday, February 20, 2011

EMDT613 Week 3 - Reading Chapters 5-8

There were many sections of this week's reading that hit home with me.
"What would have to change for me to feel completely fulfilled?" (p. 83)  What do I need to do and how will I look at my world to feel completely fulfilled? The onus is on me, the only person I can actually change, rather than pointing fingers at those people or things outside of myself. Take responsibility for yourself rather than bemoaning what you cannot change. I don't know how the situation here in WI will play out with our governor trying to take away collective bargaining rights, but ... I am a good teacher and this is the situation that is at hand. Whatever happens, I am still a good teacher.

The father and son communication problem was another point I am reflecting on. When there is no attempt at communication, it is easy to feel shut out and separation. Someone has to initiate the talk,  even if not right on point and difficult, it is a starting point. Here again is a parallel with bargaining rights being taken away. How will teachers feel if they have no voice? Shut out, alienated, dismissed and of no value. I also am reflecting on it as I am dealing with a soon to be 15 year old and his struggle for independence and finding out who he is as an individual. These are things he needs to discover and they often create dissent, but they are hard to handle as a parent. I think I will be re-reading the section of the two businessmen and how they worked through their issues with each other as I go through the next few years with my son.

Notice when you are holding back ... participate fully ---> Give Way to Passion (p. 114) How often do we hold back in our lives? How often do we say no to a child, student, partner to emphasize the power we have even though saying yes would not be detrimental to the event at hand? Do we look for a way to say yes, utilizing communication to see that both parties gain from it?

"Mom, can I go to Sam's house?"
"No, you  have homework to do."(I am the parent, with absolute power.)
From creative commons
"Mom, can I go to Sam's house?"
"Yes, as soon as you finish your homework. Do you need any help with it?"  (I am the parent, but I respect you and  want to help you succeed and be happy because I love you.)

Which  conversation holds back, or participates and shows the passionate love we have for our children?


  1. Catherine!
    You are getting so much out of this book and have grown so much even in the few months I've known you!! I love reading your blog posts and learning from your reflections!
    You are READY!! only a few more weeks until the big celebrations! :)

  2. I really like your thoughts on answering our children and how we can communicate with them in a positive way. I agree, it is better to treat them with respect and not so much as a subject on our parenting kingdom. I will definitely try to be aware as I talk to my kids and grand kids, to let them know they and their thoughts and opinions count.

  3. Catherine,
    I really like how you immediately put the words from this book into practice. I think that was the main intent of the writers.

    I think that's what makes this book different from 'positive thinking' books in that it calls for action. It calls for change of the self more than we changing the world. I feel like I've missed a lot in life during the last year because I've been to busy taking myself too seriously with work and the masters program that I've neglected some of the relationships that matter the most to me. This book has helped me reconsider my priorities and I'm starting to see changes in me and how that is affecting everyone else around me.

    Thank you for sharing such great personal insights.

  4. It's always good to hear/read what you have to say, you actually put it in perspective for me! It was funny I actually had a hard time getting into this book at first so I went searching on peoples blogs to see what they were getting out of the book. After reading your post the first time I really help me to see this book in a different light. Like myself, you really got something out of this book that allowed you to directly apply it to your daily life. I hope all works out for you with the collective bargaining rights deal.

  5. Great reflection... as your classmates obviously agree with me...


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