Wednesday, February 2, 2011

EDM613 MAC - Week 1, BLOG 1

The end is in sight. It is an exciting, yet a little scary, feeling. It is exciting because of all that I have learned and plan on using. It is exciting, because of all the friends I have made that I never would have crossed paths with, if not for this program. Yet now, they are an important part of my life. Why on Earth should I be even a little scared? Simple, the journey of this program is ending. It's like getting on a train to go to a big city for the first time. Someone new gets on at each stop and tells you a little about it and shares a bit of advice with you. There are 12 stops along the way. But even with all the advice and information these people have shared with you, you do not know exactly what awaits you and if you'll be able to follow their advice and be successful in the Big City. The thought of getting off the train at any of the stops never occurred to me. Thankfully! Now, I see the city slowly starting to loom on the horizon. I've never been in this position before. Never been here, without knowing what I will see or find. But I'll never know unless I ride the train to the final stop, and step off the platform and go into the city. Scared? Yes. Excited? Even more so!

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  1. love your train analogy!!! that's it exactly!!!! and let that excitement carry you to that extremely special Graduation day!!!

  2. Oh Catherine!! You made me a little teary eyed. I can't believe our journey is coming to an end. I can't wait for graduation and what lies ahead, but it is a little terrifying. You stated it well "Scared? Yes. Excited? Even more so!"

  3. Enjoy the ride... oh, and welcome to month 11.


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