Saturday, February 12, 2011

EDM613 MAC - Week 2: AR Site

Endless Possibilities
Here I am in month 11, with only 6 weeks until graduation. A house has been rented (Thanks, Beth!) and my flight booked. It's so hard to imagine that this journey is almost over, until I look through my action research web site and review all that I have posted there. Do I have everything on the site that needs to be included? Have I double checked all my posts? I want to jazz it up, but also want to keep it straight forward and to the point. Is that ok? There are some days when I feel that I have not done enough. However, the cycles tell the whole story of my research. I'm happy with what I found, and see many possibilities for ways in which to continue in the years to come. The project has taught me HOW to see what I do with students in a whole new light. It's shown me that the cycle truly is the journey, and it never needs to end. One finding leads to a new thought or question, into a new cycle, with results to ponder and tweak as I begin yet another cycle. Who knows where it will lead. I feel as if my eyes have been opened to deeper reflection. My results are not nearly as important as having learned the process. It will help me to be much more of a reflective practitioner that I previously was. My students will benefit even more than I will.

Wisconsin has a new governor, and many are fearful of what he has planned to take away from teachers. I worry about this also, but now I have all that I have gained through Full Sail to open endless possibilities, should I choose a new direction.

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  1. Endless possibilities, indeed. A friend living in Madison posted the following tweet about your new gov:

    Thousands descend on Capitol to protest Walker’s plans (


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